Products & Services

  • Did you say Fast Internet?

    Blue Crane Communications (U) Ltd is a partner Internet service provider to Seacom, which owns Africa’s most extensive ICT data infrastructure including multiple sub-sea cables and a resilient, continent –wide-IP-MPLS network. By leveraging on this, we provide scalable, flexible and high quality best-in-class internet connectivity at very competitive prices. Additionally, all our connectivity services are absolutely open access services with no red tape or hidden costs. Some of our connectivity services include;

    Structured Cabling System (SCS)/ Fibre

    We design and build cabling infrastructure systems that support multiple data, voice, video and multimedia systems. With our last mile partnerships, we are able to offer fibre internet with options starting from 1Mbps to over 100Mbps. We also offer express Ethernet connectivity to any part of the world as well as express Ethernet connectivity to Microsoft.

    Wireless Networking & Hotspots

    Your online experience should be very different from an annoying queue, which is why we bring you our unlimited Wi-Fi packages. Our 2-5Mpbs Wi-Fi packages are structured to give you an uncapped, uniform speed, low latency internet connection. Seal that business deal, buy that dress online, book your next destination, video call your loved ones or make stays at your hotel very pleasant with our fast, reliable and affordable packages.

    Social WiFi

    How easy can digital marketing be? Think of it as offering that “cliché” free Wi-Fi incentive to your clients, only that this time, it will be over a very reliable network that will give them a good experience. And did I say it? They will log in with their social media accounts instead of the usual long boring form. See how easy it is to gain real traction and have your clients interact with your brand?


    Our ICT & Telecom solutions and your organization are a match made in tech-heaven. Each project worked on is proof of our workmanship and commitment. Our solutions are guaranteed to turn your tasks into the interesting, safe, convenient and fast expedition you’ve always wished for.

    Big Data Analytics

    Looking for trends in the data you’ve collected over the years? Let us help you make informed business decisions by breaking down and simplifying your data no matter how big it is. We’ll do all the hard work and promise to help you uncover whatever it is you are looking for

    Network Security & Firewall

    With leaps in technological advancement comes the possibility of having your network security compromised. The effects can be far reaching and ransomware very expensive, which is why we take network security very seriously. We implement Firewall & Anti-virus setup in accordance with the requirements of the customer’s network.

    Internet of Things (Digitization & Automation)

    Simply put, it means using technology to execute a task eg using your phone to track your luggage in an airport. Process automation began in industries and has slowly made it’s way to everyday applications and living things like plants and animals. Automation and Digitization enables firms rethink and re-evaluate the way they approach their business, industries and markets. IOT gives you all the necessary tools and information needed to improve your business strategies and monitor any business process.

    Cloud Services

    Looking for a smart and safe way to store data? Look no further than Blue Crane Communications. We offer Infrastructure as a service ( IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) readily available to all clients ie Government organs, Private entities, Small & Medium Enterprises, Large corporations and MNC’s, Individuals and NGO’s

    Local & International Leased Lines

    Our branch to branch and multi branch connectivity has enabled numerous organizations all over the country to connect their branches to their head offices through our leased lines and virtual private networks. Through this service, we are able to securely, efficiently and reliably connect enterprises, organizations and firms to their employees worldwide, thus enabling remote sharing of resources and real time dissemination of information. All your branches can now work in synchrony, and geographical location ceases to be a barrier.

    Managed IT Services

    Running around in IT management chores is not only cumbersome but also unfavorable for your business, which is why we’d be more than happy if you concentrated on the core business decisions as we take that IT work off your hands. Bonus point: You’ll benefit from our effective management and predictable pricing.

    Data Centers

    Your business data is very critical and deserves to be kept in a way that is efficient as well and easily retrievable and very safe. Give yourself the freedom to be at ease knowing that your business critical data and applications are in safe hands you can trust. Virtual Server hosting or Collocation services? Take advantage of our great deals and secure your data today

  • Security & Surveillance

    For every security challenge, there is a BCC solution. Our wide array of products and services designed by two of the world’s most reputable security & surveillance manufacturers are destined to become the best fit for your technological and economic needs.

    All our solutions are carefully crafted and handy-picked to enable you protect your data, employees, self and loved ones by empowering you to prevent & deter crime early enough, with the help of the most intelligent, durable, reliable and versatile solutions in the industry.

    Our partnerships with Avigilon, a top Canadian security& surveillance firm and Dahua Technology Co Ltd, a provider of video surveillance products and services with the world’s 2nd largest global market share enable us give you a very wide range of trusted options to choose from, at very competitive prices.

    With us, you are guaranteed better sleep. Your data will be secure, your employees less worried and more productive, and your premises crime free. You put absolute control and real time information about your premises and property right within your reach.

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    Dahua Access Control

    Embedded Control Boards

    Dahua Alarm Systems

    Analog Encorders

    Dahua CCTV's


    HD Network Recorders

    Video Intercoms

    Radar Detectors

    Biometric Access Controls
    & Attendance machines

    Fire Suppression
    & Alarm Systems


    Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems

    Baggage Scanners
  • Advisory

    Should you encounter a business deal you have no idea how to navigate or seal, you can always rely on us for the most honest and unbiased advice and assistance. We are always on the hunt for better ways of working and collaborating with you to collectively grow, protect and optimize your business. Our advisors can help you strategize on your challenges, from the smallest aspect of your organization to the greatest detail. Whether it is finding the best tech solution for you or business negotiations on behalf of government, private and parastatal bodies, we are here for you

  • Fleet Management

    From initial analysis to the actual fleet management solution, our designs are structured exclusively for your requirements. No matter how big your fleet is, our unique fleet management software solutions present you with a convenient and sleek method to handle the operation and business administrative purposes of running your fleet. Under this wing, we offer;

    Vehicle Asset Management

    Fuel Management

    Repair & Maintenance Management

    GPS Tracking

    Driver & Personnel Management

    Risk & Insurance Management

    Licensing & Traffic Fines Management

    Finance & Procurement Management

    Client Relationship Management

    Integrated Reporting

  • Printer Consumables

    Your business has unique needs just as every piece of office equipment has different capabilities. Printer and copier consumables and parts can be very expensive, difficult to source and very inconvenient to collect. Through a strategic partnership with Raydian, a multi branded vendor with HP Gold Partner status, we are able to keep your office well stocked with very high quality printer consumables and offer you very honest and objective advice on which brands are most suitable for your workplace.

    Printer Consumables in stock include;

    Print Heads

    Cartridges and Toners

    Printer Ink

  • Smart T.V Solutions

    Viggo Smart T.V Set Box

    In an era where the entire world can be compressed into a palm top, your guests expect very versatile workspace, prefer online games and Netflix to traditional TV shows and quite often, even carry their own content. They truly deserve a personalized, next generation hotel experience

    Through a strategic partnership with Viggo, the leading hospitality cloud-based content management platform, we are able to give you higher bargaining power over all your competitors through a simple solution that can enable you increase your guests’ satisfaction and raise your hotel rating score. Designed with hoteliers in mind, our fully optimized cloud-based content management system (CMS) provides hoteliers with relevant content and hassle free features they need to engage with today’s guests.

    Our Hotel Smart Tv setbox is a very advanced Quad-core android box which can transform any in-room TV into a smart Tv for hotel information, local services, instant messaging, internet, apps, games, movies and so much more. With this solution in mind, your guests can now watch their own content, virtually navigate the city, check out or even order room service over their hotel Tv…….and by the way, visual projection of your menus will be far more appealing than the old telephone call for room service. With this Smart Tv solution, you can now

    Easily create and distribute content

    Chat with your guests wherever they are

    Get real time feedback during their stay

    Provide them with express options for check out, room service, virtual city tours, etc

    Create revenue through promotion of in-hotel services

    Give your guests the freedom to customize their Tv content

    Encourage business class clients to use your services as they can now work even over their hotel Tv’s and engage in a more personal way with the hotel, without going through third parties

  • Storage & Backup

    With our reliable power back-up solutions, you can now secure your business against unpredictable grid outages. Our back-up solutions fully integrate into your electrical system and help you keep your critical processes running. For power back-up, we offer;

    Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems

    We offer guaranteed power protection for connected electronics should power get interrupted or fluctuate outside safe levels. Our systems offer instant clean battery back-up power and surge protection for plugged in, sensitive equipment.

    Standby Generators & Accessories

    Our wide selection of top quality brands will spoil you for choice of residential or commercial generators. We always help our clients find the right generator whether it is for recreational purposes or to keep vital facility equipment running during a power outage. We offer Diesel & Petrol generators, Solar accessories, Generator covers, Cords & transfer switches

  • Power Solutions & Renewable Infrastructure

    Did you know that sunny Uganda is an ideal solar environment that still majorly depends on Hydro-electric power, which is very expensive for commercial applications and remains unaffordable to the people?

    When it comes to power & renewable infrastructure, we are one of Uganda’s most reputable and credible brands, trusted by both industry giants like Vivo Energy (Shell) and individuals. As clean energy advocates and partners to South Africa’s leading solar solutions provider SUNWORX, our aim is to help organizations and individuals realize that cutting electricity bills by over 60% can indeed be a reality. Our desire goes beyond any monetary gain, to empowering Uganda by helping it tap into solar energy thus powering up development while protecting the environment for future generations to come.

    With our residential solar systems, we can help you cut down your electricity bill by over 70%. Our residential solar products include lights, panels, string / micro inverters and Rechargeable deep cycle solar batteries

    Our commercial photovoltaic solutions are designed with the renewable energy needs of different industries in mind. We offer solutions for schools, agriculture, dealerships, organizations, government & military, local businesses, water projects, enterprise and real estate.