About Us

In our quest to help people and companies adopt to technology, we've accumulated a 98% positive response rate, which beats any of our competitors margins by double digits

Established in 2017, we are a premier Internet Service Provider Network licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission and operational in the Republic of Uganda as well as some parts of East Africa. We are also a certified reseller and partner to Africa’s largest and most reputable ISPN, SEACOM.

Just like you, we are big believers in the power of technology and its tangible and intangible effects in shaping and influencing almost every aspect of human life in this era. For us, staying in the loop of technology’s impact on your advancement is quite the norm, which is why we should be your number one go-to-people.

At our very heart is the sincere desire to focus on what you need, add value and offer you products and services of indisputable quality. We never run out of feasible solutions to enable you leverage on technology while massively cutting back operational costs. Our unique blend of skill, commitment, experience and critical thinking give us the power to execute even the most complex and critical projects seamlessly.

We love challenges and always succeed at solving them. Our highly experienced and agile team will impress you with how fast they’ll help you figure out how to execute tasks in a faster, more efficient and cost effective manner.

Some of our areas of expertise include: Internet Services, Security & Surveillance, ICT & Telecommunication, Power Solutions & Renewable Infrastructure, Printer Consumables, Smart Tv Solutions, Fleet Management, Backup & Storage and Advisory Services.

So, why should you trust us?

If it’s Technology, we are so good you’ll be shocked
We choose quality over quantity and partner with the very best to bring out the best in you
We are registered and licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission
Our mission is to show you just how much you can achieve while spending less
Our workmanship speaks for its self. Our customers attest. Our services know no substitutes
Don’t you deserve all the support there is? Welcome to your new friends. You won’t have to walk that journey alone